Real Ciders 4 - 6.5%

Real Ciders 4 - 6.5%

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Mixed case of 12 Real traditional dry, medium, medium sweet and cloudy ciders from Devon Cidermakers:


Courtney's 500ml Silly Cow Medium 4.6%

Courtney's 500ml Traditional Medium Sweet 4.6%

Sandford Orchards 500ml Devon Red 4.5%

Sandford Orchards 500ml Devon Mist 4.5%

Sampford Courtenay Warhorse 700ml 6% Very Dry

Sam's Crisp 500ml Gently Sparkling Medium 4.5%

Celtic Marches 330ml Lily The Pink Medium 4.5%



500ml & 70cl flip top bottles.

Made from juice not concentrate.